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We want you to be the most and more efficient professional trainer in the international sport market by providing you with the latest technology and modern technical trends in personal training.
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Save time

  • Put your method in the platform and easily manage more customers.
  • Less time to adapt your plans to your clients.
  • Reach millions of athletes with your plans with no effort

Improve your personal brand

  • Be ahead of the pack with the latest technology for PT's to better give attention to your customers
  • Give your customers a specially developed native app for android & IOS to get your training plans on board

Boost your business

  • Complete with the automatic personal training app by using Outivate Technology specially developed for you
  • The world is in your hands. Athletes all over the world can buy your training services


  • 1 month trial

    Design and customize training plans

    You’ll create and adjust plans, circuits & sessions for your clients.

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    Create your training items: Individual exercises, personal sessions with your special touch, specific goal-driven training cycles or, if you like, a complete program with the duration of your choice.
    You’ll build a library with all these items and use them with your clients as you see fit. They will adjust to each client’s features, thanks to the AI.

  • Monthly Newsletter

    Easy and better attention for your clients

    instant messaging with automatized notifications on your athletes activity.

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    Enhance communication with your clients, motivate them and follow up with them on their improvements and accomplishments in real time.
    Receive notifications when they start and finish their activity. You can send them personalized messages or let Outivate speak for you. Plus, Make your clients feel like you’re right by their side by tracking sessions in real time! You can use Outivate to communicate with your clients 24/7.
    Don’t leave them hanging! You can keep them company, no matter where they are when they are training.

  • Outivate Research Lab questionnaire

    Monitor your athletes’ progress and Analyze results

    Monitor everything you need through an one-page dashboard, as well as create and share the best course of action for your clients’ training plans.

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    Have information about how the training session went and if they had any problems or discomforts, by checking the feedback they leave when they’re done with their sessions.



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