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You are the best trainer when you care for your clients daily and take them towards their goals.

Using Outivate you will bring in the highest quality to your face-to-face and online clients.

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Fill in the form and tell us about your goals. We will reach you and walk you towards change. You can start using our technology right away.


build your training method

Narrow your target market, create the exercises, build the sessions… everything that will make your product unique. We will guide you throughout the building of your own method from scratch. Your product is wrapped and ready to go.


Boost your personal brand

Use social media to attract and engage new clients. Our marketing team will show you how to manage your online personal brand. Your showcase is ready.


Scale your new business

You are ready now. Time to scale: get the highest possible profit your product can give by having more clients training at the same time, and with the best quality of service ever.

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How does Outivate improve your daily work?

More free time

Free yourself from routine tasks  and manage your clients easily with our app.

More clients

With your newly created product plus online service, one new client doesn´t mean another work hour. You can now get to train several clients, based anywhere in the world, at the same time.

Increased added value

Your face-to-face clients will get their training sessions even when you can’t be with them.

Stronger engagement

Thanks to our built-in chat and notifications, your clients can feel how you are taking care of their progress. Their engagement is higher than ever.

Improved personal brand

We help you boost your personal brand and attract new clients

More information

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Web platform to manage your business


Design and personalize your training plans.



Monitor your athletes progression.



All the app functionality in your laptop.


Trainer app outivate


Outivate PRO

The App for trainers


Feed with each client´s planned session of the day.



Check at a glance how your clients have performed.



Built-in chat to efficiently communicate with your clients.



Notifications so that you keep track of all that goes on in your business.



The App for your athletes


Explain your exercises using your own pictures and videos.



Get your athlete´s feedback after each workout session.



Built-in chat to instantly deliver solutions to your athletes.



Motivational and support messages.


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