Attention runners: no training plan,…guaranteed injury

Running is probably the most practiced physical activity in the world. Millions of runners go out every day to run. The problem is that most of them will suffer an injury. This is what a study carried out in Spain by the Spanish Society of Sport Medicine  and CinfaSalud says.

62% of runners suffer an injury per year

According to the study, 62% of Spanish runners have suffered this year a health problem derived from the practice of running. The study concludes that more than half of the runners analyzed run badly or, at least, do not follow correct habits to ensure that practice is beneficial.

Muscular injuries are the most common

In this study it is noted that 62% of Spanish runners have suffered a health problem this year related to running. Of these health problems, 38% were muscle injuries, and other effects such as severe headaches, fractures, sprains, dizziness and palpitations were also common.

Without a training plan injuries are guaranteed

Among the main causes of ailments, not following a training plan accounts for 77% of incidences. This inadequate preparation includes not warming up before the race or stretching afterwards (more than 50% of runners do not), and not passing a stress test to determine physical ability.

Listen to the body

The body sends signals when it is not functioning optimally. It is essential to pay attention to punctures in strained muscular areas, chest pains, dizziness, breathing problems and/or joint discomfort. Lack of sleep because of accumulated fatigue or suffering from menstrual disorders can be symptoms of excessive training.

Experts recommend running between 150 and 300 minutes a week that follows a progression training plan, adapting diet to the new physical demands and undergoing stress tests.

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