Two Basic Steps to Providing Online Personal Training for Your Travelling Clients

High-end clients are the types of clients most personal trainers dream about. Price is no issue, payments are always on time and they give the best referrals for similar clientelle. But there is one problem with this type of client: they travel a lot, and this leads to much seasonality in income. But there is a solution: online personal training.

Providing online personal training is an excellent way to generate increased revenue for your fitness business

Offering online personal training solves the seasonality problem and makes it possible to serve more high-end clients all year round. The key is to use the right tools and strategies to provide value for your clients.

Of course in the Youtube Age a client can easily find thousands of fitness videos and programs for free. It´s easy — just search for “non-equipment workout” on Youtube. But remember, high-end clients want more than this — they also  want attention, motivation and accountability. So the first step must be:

Remember the Value You Offer

People do not hire a personal trainer because they need a workout plan. There are hundreds of thousands of workout plans available online. Personal trainers are hired  because of the 100% personalized attention they provide.

When building your online personal training service, remember the value you add is helping clients make the workouts happen by keeping them on-track, holding them accountable and making them feel good about the progress they are making. You have to generate positive feelings, not simply a workout plan.

But although your clients are not really paying for the workouts you will be providing, they still will need some workouts to follow. For this, use a suitable tool that allows you to customize your client’s workouts. So onto the second step:

Personalize the Workout Experience

Make sure to personalize the experience as much as possible. If your clients are just getting a generic workout program, they have no incentive to pay for it. Outivate is a powerful tool that provides you the latest technology and modern technical trends in personal training to provide your clients a complete personalized workout experience.

Using Outivate, you can put your method in the platform and manage more customers more effectively by easily  adapting your plans for each client. The Outivate training software has a list of check boxes and a feedback section that clients must complete after each workout. It also records the workout data, possible injuries and even the athlete’s mood.

All information is funneled back to the trainer’s side of the platform so that he/she can quickly glance through the client’s records and track their progress.

Following these two basic steps is the quickest way to providing online personal training to your current and future clients. Do you want to start now?

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