Personal trainer VS Online Trainer? Just the one: quality training

For Millenials, the difference between real and digital world does not exist. They are one single world. There is no difference between getting things online or going to the store. Same kind of transaction. This also applies to the use of social networks and face-to-face communication. Everything is part of social relationships. How about in personal training?

Personal Training and Online Training, all in one

In personal training people tend to think there is an obvious difference between face-to-face training and distance training as if they were two separate realities. But the truth is that, today, there is no such difference. There is quality personal training, which involves caring for the client and making sure that they achieve their goals. Quality training is related to the service received by the client. It is not about face-to-face or online. It is about paying attention.

Many Personal Trainers still believe that the only quality training is the one provided in person. Is this kind of thinking really focused on their clients?

The trend of recent years indicates that quality personal training necessarily involves a mix of face-to-face sessions and online programs. The statistics offer a revealing fact: clients perform less than five face-to-face sessions per month on average. This means that clients work with their personal trainer an average one day per week. The reasons? Cancellations due to schedule problems, trips, meetings, unscheduled issues … whatever. The truth is that clients training face-to-face, work with their coach less than five times per month.

This can make achieving significant changes very difficult when we want the client to move from being a sedentary person to an active one. Moving from passive to active can be a first objective. What then?

Personal Trainers Mission: bring in solutions to their clients

The purpose of online training is providing an extra service to the client, completing their workout program: a global training system, including face-to-face and online training and based on specific objectives. It is not about moving from being a face-to-face coach to an online one. It is about incorporating technology into the trainer’s day-to-day routines, so that all their customers benefit from it. It is about always being in touch, and monitoring all of your client’s progress on the go, no matter where they are.

Personal trainers have to take action on this matter. It is necessary that they offer solutions to their clients, to be there for them every day throughout the training plan. Technology makes this possible, effective and bi-directional. Client and coach can be in touch despite physicall distance, adjusting online sessions to the needs and personal circumstances of the client each day, giving face-to-face sessions an astonishing added value.

Of course, there will be clients who prefer to train only in person. Similarly, there will be clients who just want to follow online training programs and communicate with their personal trainer through the App. But the trend of personal training walks towards a mixture of both, where the client has all the power to decide how they want to train, when they want to do it and how often they want to meet with the personal trainer.

You should not choose between face-to-face training or online training. In the same way that textile industry, for example, has not chosen between a system of sale in store or an online sales system, but rather have integrated both, this is how the evolution of personal training should be. And clients will be the ones to decide how they prefer to train.

And you… are you willing to offer your clients a complete training system? Or do you want to run the risk of your client going to another personal trainer who does offer that option?

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