Only 20% of users consider the gym fitness instructor is a key element to become loyal to the gym

A new research from Mindbody has found that one in five people who regularly exercise, perceive the right fitness instructor as the most important factor in sticking to a new fitness regime, but just 4% of people claim to have found their ‘dream instructor’.

96% of atheletes consider they are not training with the most appropriate Fitness coach for their objectives

The vast majority of users surveyed in the research work, conducted in the United Kingdom, believe that they do not train with the perfect coach. This data is extremely important. Most of the users who participated in the research considered that their coach was not the right one for them, it seems fair to assume that ssigning the right coach to each client means that the retention rate of the club or gym will be above the average.

Another aspect to take into account is why people exercising regularly consider that the instructor is not a key figure when deciding on one or the other gym. According to this research, it seems that most users (80% of all respondents) do not care about training with one coach or another. However, the reality is that when they find their ideal fitness instructor, he becomes a key figure in customer retention.

Preferred qualities in fitness instructors

The top five traits that athletes look for from their instructors are:

A friendly personality (27% said this the most important trait)

Knowledge of the industry (22% said this was the most important trait)

Highly qualified (14% said this the most important trait)

Patience (12% said this was the most important trait)

A positive attitude (10% said this was the most important trait)

These percentages vary according to the type of sport and discipline practiced by those surveyed. For example, those who lift weight tend to value knowledge of the industry the most (34%), but those who do yoga seek patience (12%).

The research does not define how the perfect coach should be, because it also varies according to each client. But it does reveal an important factor for all personal training professionals: most clients believe that they are not training with the dreamed instructor.

What can the Fitness Industry do to improve this picture?

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