The fitness industry, the boom that does not stop

In the last decade, the fitness industry has maintained spectacular growth, and more and more countries are joining this global trend. In the United States, the growth of the sector has been 30% since 2005. Even in countries lacking a tradition of fitness, growth has been increasing in recent years. The exciting thing is that the forecasts are still optimistic: sport is becoming more practical, and the fitness industry continues to enjoy excellent health.

Four reasons to think that the fitness industry will continue to grow

All experts agree that the trend will continue rising for a long time. There are several reasons for this  and these are the four main ones:

Health as a global concern

The World Health Organization has been warning about the problem of sedentary lifestyles for decades, but only recently has this issue begun to enter political agendas. The sedentary lifestyle is today one of the main causes of mortality in developed countries and obesity has long been considered an epidemic. Citizens are beginning to understand the seriousness of the problem, the need to lead an active life and adopt healthy habits. This awareness will only increase in the coming years, together with a greater desire for healthy living in all its aspects..

The Millennial culture

The Millenial generation clearly understands that a healthy lifestyle is an obligation and not just another option. The Millenial culture is committed to an ecologically-minded and healthful outlook, which translates into respect for the environment as well as the body. Social networks, the main means of communication of Millennials, help disseminate in a massive way these new ideas about the importance of being active and healthy.

We know that we are going to live longer

Life expectancy is increasing, but moreover, so is awareness of the importance of also having a good quality of life. The reality is that we only have one body and as time goes on, it has to last longer. New generations are aware of the need to take care of the body to the utmost so as to reach old age in good physical and mental health.


In addition, there is another fundamental way to understand the fitness boom and why this trend will continue for many years: technology. Technology is democratizing the practice of fitness. Outivate is a good example of this trend; it is a tool that allows coaches to work with more athletes at a distance, even when many live in another city or country. Outivate also allows athletes to access the personal trainer best suited to their objectives, regardless of where the coach is. These types of technological solutions are revolutionizing the practice of fitness and ensuring that the sector will continue to grow in the coming years at an even higher rate

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