The holidays are not for resting: the best fitness Boot Camps around the world

For most people, summer means vacation, relaxation, napping and just doing nothing. But there are many fitness enthusiasts who take advantage of their free time to do what they like best: training to the fullest. For these there is just one destination: the best fitness boot camps in the world.

Best Fitness Boot Camp to go on vacation

There is a large number of fitness boot camps throughout the world. Some combine sports practice with meditation and yoga, while others can be more difficult and demanding. This is Outivate’s selection of the best Boot Camps in the world.

Fitness Camp at Norfolk, UK

This is one of the pioneers of fitness camps and has been offering this kind of experience to thousands of clients since it opened its doors in 2008. Nº1 BootCamp is not a cheap destination, but has the latest technology and elite coaches.

Personalized trainings are offered according to the physical characteristics and personal objectives of each client, from weeklong programs to 24-hour sessions. The service is available all year round.

Boot Camps at Algarve, Portugal

Located in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, Marco Baioba Luxury Residential Fitness Bootcamp offers training and nutrition courses to take your physical condition to the next level.

There are different camps throughout the year and for different levels. The most popular option is seven days of intense training, but many other options are offered, including camps for women and others for detox “master cleansing.”

Fitness Retreat, Florida, USA

In Florida, St. Pete Beach hosts the Getaway Fitness training ground at the TradeWinds Island Grand Resort, which provides a good mix of hard training and relaxation.

The day begins with a training camp session on the beach and is followed by five to six hours of structured and intensive physical activities until approximately 2:30 p.m., when guests can make the most of the beach, enjoy spa services or just relax.

Boot Camp in Tulum, Mexico

With ancient Mayan ruins and pristine beaches as a backdrop, Bikini Boot Camp in Mexico is one of the most spectacular Fitness boot camps options in the world.

Classes include circuit training, body sculpture, beach cardio, kickboxing, pilates and cardio dance. But Bikini Boot Camp is more than just a fitness vacation. It is a combination of exercise, healthy eating, adventure, relaxation and pampering.

Commando Camp in Queensland, Australia

Within the Lamington National Park of Queensland, Australia, lays the Commando Camp, led by personal trainer Steve ‘The Commando’ Willis. Based on the CrossFit system, it lasts three days and is quite demanding. Ideal for improving both physical and mental strength.

It takes place in the Binna Burra Lodge, which is located in a spectacular tropical setting. There is one small problem: it only runs in October. But if you can wait … it’s worth it.

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