Reach your


Outivate is the easiest way to train under
the supervision of a professional.

Technology to be connected to your
personal trainer anytime

Direct access to your

PT info and social media.

In My Coach you will find all the information you need to know about your Personal Trainer.


Direct communication with your personal trainer whenever you need it.

Technology that puts your training info into your pocket.

Your program, your sessions, every exercise detailed

All the information you need to follow a successful personal training program.

Your PTP with Outivate

Personal Training Program

All you need to reach your goals fits in your pocket. Your training program will be adapted to your personal circumstances by a real professional that will be with you everyday, everywhere.

How does it work?

1. Book your PTP.

Send us your contact info, set your goals and choose a date to reach them. Our Personal Training Program Manager will contact you.

2. We select a Personal Trainer for you.

We use your information to assign the PT that best fits your needs and goals. They will accompany you throughout the whole program.

3. Test your fitness level.

It starts with an interview. Face to face online, depends on you and your trainer. It is time to test your fitness level and program your first steps.

4. Start training.

The plan compliance is the key to your success. Your trainer will always be on the other side of your app to motivate you, analize your results and adapt the training plan to your progression.

5. Evaluate results.

Time to test your fitness level again! Update your measurements and evaluate your progress. Here is your reward, you made it!

Where will you do your workouts?

In the gym, at home or in the park


Outivate warranty

1.  We check all trainers certifications to verify they are up to date.

2. We are committed to finding the most suitable coach for you.

3.  Change your coach when you need it.

Take your fitness to

the next level

A coach by your side makes your goals easier.

You will know what, how and when to train.

If there is anything you feel you need, your coach will be right there with you.

Download your app and start training now