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The Personal Training new age.

Outivate joins coaches and athletes through the mobile.

Develop your training plan and evaluate each session. Communication and constant motivation until reaching the objective.

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Technology applied to personal training

Outivate app for athletes allows you to follow your workout plan in detail. Contact your personal trainer whenever you need it. Intuitive and easy to use.


Outivate app for personal trainers gives your more free time. Get rid of routine tasks and focus on what is important: your clients. More training sessions and maximum quality.



Up to date with Outivate NEWS.

A media made by personal trainers for professionals of the sector and athletes. Everything you are interested in learning about training, health, technology, events and industry news.


Outivate Research Lab

If you are interested in scientific research, Outivate Research Lab offers you the opportunity of taking part on different studies and gives you priority access to the results.

What our clients are saying

“Simple, easy to use and very useful. Now I can train anywhere under the supervision or a real coach. Outivate provides me with all the tools I need to connect with  my personal trainer and reach my goals”.


Ahtlete, UK

“I have used several fitness and personal training apps, but Outivate is so much more than an app. It allows me to manage my clients and permanently communicate with them, as well as to participate in scientific research and to access industry information”.


Personal Trainer, USA

“Outivate helps me to improve my personal trainer profile and connect with new clients worldwide. It´s an excellent tool to create and manage the training programs. Outivate makes my life much easier!”.


Personal Trainer, Spain

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