In 1982, Jane Fonda shocked up the Fitness industry. It is Outivate time now. In 1982, Jane Fonda turned every living room in homes worldwide into a gym. But something was missing. Outivate takes a step ahead: we put a personal trainer in each of those living rooms, parks, or any place where there is an athlete willing to train.

Since 1982, the personal training world has gone through a lot of change. Up until now, those athletes training remotely had no permanent supervision of a real personal trainer, which is not actual personal training, really. But this has changed. Outivate makes possible to always train guided by an actual personal trainer.

We have developed the technology that allows every athlete to sense they are being supervised by a personal trainer in every workout session. We have built a tool for trainers to keep a complete, permanent follow up on each athlete training with them. We have shaken up the concept of remote training.

Our premise is that training must be a continuous process: it cannot stop when athlete and trainer are not face-to-face. Statistics are clear: an athlete turns up to in-person sessions less than five times a month. What goes on the rest of the time then? With Outivate, the answer to this question is athletes still train, where they want and within the same quality levels as if they were training face-to-face.

With Outivate, athlete and trainer are in touch permanently. Athletes know how to train at any time, they have a personalized training plan that has been adapted to their needs and objectives. Their trainer can manage each session and learn the athletes evolution on the go, getting immediate feedback and modifying anything to avoid injuries or overtraining whenever it is needed.

Constant motivation, common goals

When we started developing Outivate, we found athletes need to sense their trainer is with them. They want to feel they are being supervised. They need to know they are being looked after. They need constant motivation. If a trainer can provide all of this, there is a huge increase in the quality of the service provided.

Outivate has developed OutivatePRO, an app that allows trainers to be with their clients and provide with a training system that includes both face-to-face and remote sessions. It is an app that automatize those routine tasks so that trainers can focus on what is most important: training their athletes. More time, to train more clients. Higher quality, increased supervision.

Outivate´s athletes app brings for clients the possibility of training on demand. Whenever they want, wherever they want, always with a real trainer. Personalized training programs that can be adjusted according to the athlete´s evolution, with clear explanations for each exercise and direct communication to solve any doubt that comes up. After each session, an evaluation is performed so that adjustments can be made, if needed, maximizing the athlete´s effort according to the goals set.

Outivate is a revolution in the personal training industry because it has ruled out the difference between face-to-face and online sessions. There is only one kind of training now: quality training. High quality trainers take care of their athletes on a daily basis, no matter where they actually are.

New demand, new solutions

Outivate puts athletes at the center, letting them chose when, where and with whom they want to train. It was time to, it is already happening in other industries: consumer decides when, where and how to spend it.

An #OutivateTrainer has the tools needed to satisfy this new customer demand. It is not about choosing between face-to-face or remote training. Those were the Jane Fonda days. Those times are gone. Today, Outivate basically means high quality training. A #OutivateTrainer brings to athletes a complete, high quality training, adding a new value of ubiquity to the services provided.

Outivate Trainer: the next level

No more space time barriers. An #OutivateTrainer can work 24/7 and in six cities at the same time. Manage all their athletes´ workout programs efficiently, personalize and adapt them to each session according to the athlete´s needs. Quickly. Would an athlete not train with such a trainer? Would anyone give up on a trainer that keeps full attention on them, regardless of the time of the day or the place where they are training? It is not about adding quality to the training service… it is about jumping to the next level.

Jane Fonda has told the story many times: she found out her aerobic video tapes had overcome all her expectations when a woman suddenly laid on the floor of a supermarket, performed a leg exercise and asked her if that was the way that workout should be made. With Outivate, the trainer is always with the athlete. And if, by chance, they run into each other in a supermarket, nobody will have to lay on the ground to check if a given exercise is being performed correctly. Jane Fonda is history.

It is Outivate new era. The #TrainingRevolution begins.

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