Here are some typical errors and their easy solution in swimming training

A common problem for triathletes is how to optimize their swimming training. There are some common mistakes when training in the pool, but they have an easy solution.

The main mistakes when training are

Following a too general training plan:

The internet is full of training plans, exercises and even extensive guides, but … do they adapt to your reality? This is a fundamental point. A solution is to customize your workouts. Hire a personal trainer because this will be a great investment. If he/she uses everything technology offers to track each session, you will get the most out of your hours in the water.

Train only crawl stroke:

Without a doubt, the crawl will be your swimming stroke in the race. But, as a rule, with the crawl you train in excess, so you can overload the muscles involved in this kind of  practice. So alternate with other strokes to compensate for muscular work.

Training for swimming as if you were a swimmer:

A triathlete is not a swimmer.  Therefore swimming should be trained for in a different and particular way.

Not using your legs:

It is common to hear that in triathlon you do not need to use your legs. The need to reserve forces for the bike and the jogging races is not a good argument. The stabilization and fluidity are important reasons to work this aspect into swimming training.

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