What is a Trainer 3.0 and why you should be one ASAP

The meaning of personal trainer is quickly changing. The emergence of digital economy, affecting all social and economical sectors, has modified the world of personal training forever. A Trainer 3.0 has been born. You can and should become one.

What is a Trainer 3.0?

A Trainer 3.0 profits from the digital economy, uses it to achieve better results in a more efficient way, reaching more clients and generating higher profits with the same time investment.

It is not about charging for a given number of hours of work anymore, but about charging for managing our clients´ progression in their training. It is about being part of each and every training session and making sure they reach their goals. We are an essential figure in that process.

Until not so long ago, trainers had but one product: face-to-face sessions. Today, using the technology available, we can triple our range by offering online training and personalized training programs (PTP), which mix face-to-face with online sessions, adjusting to our clients´ needs.

The ratio one client per hour has evolved to one hour per many clients, at the highest quality standard and achievement of personal goals. We all know what this means: a happy customer.

Trainer 3.0: happy customers and added value

Face-to-face training guarantees personalized plans, no doubt about it. However, what happens when our customers train on their own? Thanks to technology, being permanently connected and therefore monitoring and advising our clients is within reach of any personal trainer; in other words: added value. A Trainer 3.0 offers that service increases revenues and pushes athletes towards their goals. Everybody wins.

Automatize and scale your work

Trainers 3.0 stand out because they automatize and scale their daily work, earning more without investing more hours and also increasing the quality of their service.

How? By creating plans and training sessions, offering them to their athletes, modifying, personalizing, adapting that product to each personal case. Outivate is the perfect tool for that: easy and efficient.

Does any of this resonate with you? Sign up in Outivate and become a Trainer 3.0, add value to your product in the blink of an eye and prepare to find that more athletes want to train with you.


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