Rule number one of a successful trainer: keep your clients

The cost of getting a new customer is much higher than that of keeping one you already have. This applies to the Personal Training Industry too. That is why there is a golden rule to become a successful trainer: you must keep your current clients. You can always find more, of course, but it is probably not a good idea if it means losing those already training with you.

Successful trainer: personalized training as a means to retain every client

One of the keys of Digital Economy is that the customer is in the center of the system. In the Personal Training Industry this means each client decides when, where, how and with who they will train. Keep in mind that big B2C companies are already focusing on becoming part of consumers´ daily routines.

Can this also be implemented in the Personal Training world? Of course it can. All we need is to personalize each training plan to each client and prioritize this plan fits in their daily routines. What if we cannot train face-to-face today? Let´s make it possible for them to train wherever they can, and make sure they do it with you.

Successful trainer: permanent communication with your client

Here is another key: making sure your clients train with you, no matter where or when they do so. Is it possible to train with you when not being with you? Of course! Technology takes care of that and Outivate is a great way to do so: it makes it possible to assign each client a personalized training plan and keep a permanent follow-up of every session, particularly when you are not there with your client.

Furthermore, with Outivate, communication client-trainer is permanent, allowing you to modify the next training session and adjust it if needed, according to how they felt after their last work out.

Successful trainer: be part of your clients´ daily life

What does that mean? Making your clients the center of it all and becoming part of their every day routines. They will check Outivate every day to find out what session should be carried out, what comments you might have added, see their progression… If the session is left undone, the app immediately informs you so that you can get in touch, find out why and modify their next sessions if needed.

In other words, you will become a 24/7 personal trainer, and when the time comes for your customers to travel and you cannot be there… do you think it will be easier to retain that customer?

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