Keep in touch with your customers in summer

When summer and holidays come, the same thing always occurs: many clients disappear to never return. Losing a customer is really bad news, because it costs a lot more to get a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Tips for keeping the customer during the summer

Retaining a client during summer is not easy, but it is nevertheless important that every effort be made. Here are some tips.

Use technology

Technology has made it easier for you to reach all your clients instantly, and if used properly, can guarantee a higher degree of motivation and engagement.

Use the necessary tools to keep in touch with your clients. If the customers want to rest and not exercise during their vacations, do not force them into workouts they do not want to do, but at least send them a notification and give them some advice from time to time.

If, on the contrary, the clients wish to continue training during holidays, make use of  technology that allows you to train them from a distance and keep track of their workouts.

A good idea is to create a new challenge to keep track of. Keeping your clients engaged with a new challenge that lasts the whole summer (or the vacation period) will keep your customers motivated and communication with them will be consistent.

Take Your Workouts Outside

Those clients who stay in the city and do not take vacations surely prefer training outdoors to indoors. Especially on sunny days, there is nothing better than working out in your local park. You can use the outdoors as your equipment, and your clients will love to workout outside.

Outdoor training can motivate clients even more as you are offering alternative services adapted to the time of year to keep people engaged throughout the year. Take advantage of this opportunity to create new and fun workouts, like boot camps circuits, that engage customers.

Do more than workouts

If your clients have gone on vacation, you can send them information related to their health that isn’t just about training.

Providing clients with nutrition information will help them stay on top of their health goals and will serve as a guide they can use to follow during their holidays. It’ will make them realize that you are committed to helping them wherever they are, and will aid in maximizing retention.

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