Trainer Tips: What do my clients most appreciate?

Being a personal trainer is truly a privilege.

Not only does it allows you to apply a skillset to a practical end state, but it also give you the opportunity to changes someone’s life for the better.

With that being said, there are certain things that a client is expecting of you adhere to. You are the authority figure they have bestowed trust to and they are not only relying on you with results, they’re trusting you with their financial gains to achieve what they want. A tall order and a great challenge. With my experience, these are 3 things every client appreciates from their trainer:

Extreme Ownership

When it comes to training clients, there is an unwritten partnership that requires you to be full heartedly committed to their needs and success. You as the trainer are the authority of fitness and health and they’ll lean to you for any and all guidance and direction, even when they don’t really know what direction to go to or follow. To just meet their requirements as they comes to you is a bit of a disservice. However, If you obsess over their progression, training, education and results, from beginning to end, without even being pushed to do so by a question or request from them, your clients will hold you to such a higher regard. Not only that, but for better or worse, owning everything there is about your clients success forces you as the trainer to walk the walk and provide legitimate success and progression.

Owning their success and their stalemates builds a trust and credibility that all your people deserve.

Give them what they want and what they need

We all want to turn our client from couch slouch to major athlete, but sometimes all they want is their back pain to go away. Every human can benefit from a well-designed, multi levelled program, but if your client came to you to drop 10lbs that should be your focus. It’s their money and their time. Don’t force-feed them things that you as a trainer like to do. With that said, it is also your responsibility to educate them on realistic goals, and get their body functioning properly. Every good trainer can give their client what they want and what they need, simultaneously.

Be that trainer.

Lend an ear

There are countless times I’ve had the pleasure to be both a trainer and a counsellor for a person. The more you train someone, the more they are going to either like you, or resent you. Try for the former. Your client is going to spend more time with you over the next number of sessions, then they are going to spend with some of their own family members.

Take the time to talk and listen to them and your sessions will in turn become much more meaningful and rewarding.

These are just some of the things clients look for in a trainer. Understand these points and embody them and I am sure you’ll come out the better trainer in the end.

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