The insurance and fitness industries: more opportunities for personal trainers

For some years, insurance companies, especially those focused on life and health insurance, have been making their clients an interesting offer: money in exchange for exercising. The message is simple: healthy habits have benefits at all levels. You will live longer and better, and now,…even richer.


The insurance and fitness industry: a perfect partnership for trainers

In this scenario, the personal trainer can only win. Insurance companies offer money to their clients if they exercise, which means that they are subsidizing sports practice. The benefit is triple: insurers will spend less money on medical and hospital expenses, clients will have a better life, and fitness professionals will get more clients, gradually becoming more important in society.

Insurance companies such as Oscar Insurance, founded in 2012, have been launching offers that encourage the client to maintain healthy life habits for some years, a trend that has grown continuously since 2014. Other insurers such as Axa or Generali have developed platforms to encourage their clients to stay active and practice physical exercise. In fact, the insurance sector, as have practically all economic sectors today, has adopted strategies to place the customer at the center of their business. The client today is the protagonist. This is no less true for fitness.


How can this new scenario affect professional coaches?

In the first place, the client already knows that exercising brings economic benefits, as well as better health. Therefore, he/she just wants more reasons to exercise. That implies more customers. And as time goes on there will be more and more.

For coaches, it will be essential to have tools that allow them to serve an ever expanding number of customers while effectively monitoring and tracking their progress every day.

If insurance companies set goals for their clients, they will want to achieve them to increase their profits. The customers will need to do more than just go to the gym: they will also need to be confident of being able to achieve those goals.

For this reason, only personal trainers who are able to make their clients meet their objectives on a regular basis will obtain greater market share.So it’s going to be a very big and important market.

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