Outivate at WebSummit in Lisbon: the #TrainingRevolution has already started

Outivate official launch took place at WebSummit in Lisbon. After months of hard work, Outivate is finally in the app stores so that trainers and athletes around the world can join our #TrainingRevolution.

Trainers at WebSummit: “this is exactly what I am looking for”

We had one main goal in Lisbon: validating our product. And it has totally been a success. Many trainers came by, although this summit is not specialized on Personal Training or Fitness for that matter. They were interested in our technology and how it will help them expand their business. As they approached our stand, we often heard them say “tell me more”. We did, and as they heard what Outivate is about, answers were unamimous: “that is exactly what I am looking for”.

Our CEO, José Ángel Higuero has been a personal trainer for more than 15 years now. This means that Outivate is a tool thought by and for personal trainers, offering solutions to new market demands. Every trainer we spoke to at WebSummit understood how their business model grows thanks to Outivate.

Athletes at WebSummit: “that is what I need”

We were also visited by athletes from all over the world. They were willing to be able to workout guided by a personal trainer, when and where they needed to. When we explained they could have a personalized workout training program with a real trainer supervising each and every one of their sessions, they also agreed on the same answer: “that is what I need”. Our proposal has hit the bulls-eye.

That must be because we conceive personal training as a service that places the client in the center of the entire working system, offering a rounded up service: they can do their workouts face-to-face or in remote sessions, with the highest quality and, most of all, when they are ready to.

Investors at WebSummit: “Let´s talk”

Catching the attention of trainers and athletes was our main goal. But we also got the attention of investors in Lisbon. Our product did not go unnoticed for those used to investing in new trends, whatever industry we may be talking about. Outivate puts on the table a new personal training model that gives answer to a demand of our time.

Experts know that sports, an active life and healthy habits are already a trend and will keep shaping the way we live our life in the future. In our conversations with them we always found their interest: “let´s talk”, the same interest we got in the past from those who believed in Outivate when it was just an idea. We could have not gone this far without their support, their effort and their encouragement. Outivate has become a reality thanks to the work of many but, above all, to the basic boost we got from those who decided to back us up and walk side by side with us from the earliest stage.

Lisbon WebSummit: it is only the beginning… but what a beginning!

Lisbon WebSummit has been a brilliant kick off for Outivate. Our apps, both the one for trainers and athletes are already in the market and, from now on, our job is to grow and improve Outivate.

We are aware we are more than just a training app and that we are going to be constantly adjusting to new demands, new needs. That is why our mind set is pretty clear: our first job here is listening. Listening to what #OutivateTrainers ask for so that we can work on the updates they need to make their daily work easier. Listening to what our athletes, our users, who are in the center of our system, really need.

We will be paying close attention to everything they tell us, no doubt. There is no way we can stop this now. A revolution is on, it is called the #TrainingRevolution. Are you in?

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